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Managing the Complexities of Real Estate Development

Voelker, Bob
Managing the Complexities of Real Estate Development provides a concise summary of the real estate development process, allowing the reader to learn the fundamentals and details of development outside of the sink-or-swim environment of a particular project.
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Residential Surveying Matters and Building Terminology: In Alphabetical Order

Goring, Les (former senior lecturer, Has
Residential Surveying Matters and Building Terminology covers a wide range of new and old building terms, techniques, technologies, and materials, but much more extensively than the average dictionary.
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Dampness in Dwellings: Causes and Effects

Ormandy, David
This book provides a definition of dampness in each of its forms, detail the various potential sources, and causes that can result in damage to the building, and damage to the health of the occupiers.
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Quantity Surveyor's Pocket Book

Cartlidge, Duncan (Construction Procurem
The fourth edition of Quantity Surveyor's Pocket Book remains a must-have guide for students and qualified practitioners. Its focused coverage of the data, techniques and skills essential to the quantity surveying role makes it an invaluable companion for everything from initial cost advice to the final account stage.
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Survey and Assessment of Traditionally Constructed Brickwork

Jenkins, Moses (Historic Environment Sco
The principal aim of this book is to improve the survey and assessment of traditionally constructed brickwork. It aims to ensure that those who have a cause to survey and assess buildings constructed of traditional (pre-1919) brickwork have a well-developed, clear methodology for undertaking effective, comprehensive surveys.
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A History of Party Walls

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Boundary Disputes

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Estimator's Pocket Book

Cartlidge, Duncan
The Estimator's Pocket Book, Third Edition is a concise and practical reference cover ing the main approaches to pricing construction works.
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Residential Property Appraisal: Volume 2: Inspections, Defects and Reports

Parnham, Phil
This book addresses the inspection and survey of residential properties, covering new technology, modern methods of construction, problem plants and pests, damp in new builds, and modern building services.
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Building Surveys

Glover, Peter
This updated ninth edition features new material on modern methods of construction, new sustainable materials, new surveying technologies, and industry developments in the wake of the Grenfell Fire. Essential reading for building construction students, professional surveyors, and others who may be required to inspect and report on buildings.
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