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Tall Buildings

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Construction Technology For Tall Buildings (5th Edition)

Chew, Yit Lin Michael (Nus, S'pore)
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Evolo Skyscrapers 3: Visionary Architecture and Urban Design

Aiello, Carlo
The future of architecture and urban design unveiled by 150 innovative projects submitted to the world-renowned eVolo Skyscraper Competition.
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Socializing the Sky: The Typology of Tower Clusters

Oxman, Robert
The book, in the form of a typological definition, presents the remarkable history of the emergence in the past two decades of a dramatically new approach to the design of multi-tower and multi-functional skyscraper clusters.
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Arup's Tall Buildings in Asia: Stories Behind the Storeys

Goman Wai-Ming Ho
Through a series of detailed case studies from East Asia, Arup, one of the global leaders in tall building design, presents the latest developments in the field to inspire more innovative and sustainable ideas in tall building design and engineering. This book exhibits the key design aspects of tall buildings in
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The Sustainable Tall Building: A Design Primer

Oldfield P
This resource informs and inspires the reader in respect to the fundamental considerations necessary when creating sustainable tall buildings.
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Tall: the design and construction of high-rise architecture

Marriage, Guy (Victoria University of We
This is a guide to both the basics and the details of tall building design, delving into the rudimentary aspects of design that an architect of a tall building must consider, as well as looking at the rationale for why a building must be built the way it is.
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Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide

Clark Nigel & Price, Bill : British Coun
Thoroughly reworked to reflect industry developments and experiences gained over the last ten years, this second edition imparts the advice and knowledge of more than 20 highly respected industry specialists.
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Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings

Fu, Feng
Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings provides structural engineers, architects and students with systematic introductions to fire safety design for tall buildings based on current analysis methods, design guidelines and codes.
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