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Living Construction

Robertson, M Dade-
This book, the first in the Bio Design series, acts as a bridge between design speculation and scientific reality, and between contemporary design thinking, in areas such as architecture, product design and fashion design, and the traditional engineering approaches which currently dominate bio technologies.
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Mapping Urban Spaces: Designing the European City

Amistadi, Lamberto
Mapping Urban Spaces illustrates how the characteristics that make life in medium-sized European cities pleasant and sustainable-accessibility, ease of travel, urban sustainability, social inclusiveness-can be traced back to the nature of that space.
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Homelessness and the Built Environment: Designing for Unhoused Persons

Pable, Jill (Florida State University, U
Homelessness and the Built Environment provides a practical introduction to the effective physical design of homes and other facilities that assist unhoused persons in countries identified as middle to high-income.
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Futureproof City: Ten Immediate Paths to Urban Resilience

Wilson, Barry D.
The Futureproof City creates adaptability and resiliency in the face of the unknown challenges resulting from technological change, population explosion, global pandemic, and environmental crisis.
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The Climate Planner: Overcoming Pushback Against Local Mitigation and Adaptation Plans

King, Jason
The Climate Planner is about overcoming the objections to climate change mitigation and adaption that planners face at a local level.
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Modern Apartment Design

Marriage, Guy (Victoria University of We
Modern Apartment Design provides guidelines to the design of modern apartment buildings as well as a summation of current cutting-edge practice in engineered timber construction.
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Parametric Design for Landscape Architects: Computational Techniques and Workflows

Madl, Andrew (University of Tennessee, U
Parametric Design for Landscape Architects provides a sequence of tutorial-based workflows for the creation and utilization of algorithmic tools calibrated towards the field of landscape architecture.
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