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UOW Part 3 Offer

The titles below are also available to purchase at the Special Offer Price of 25% (30% from March 11-18)  at our Portland Place Bookshop (Monday to Friday 10.00 - 17.00) on presentation of a valid University of Westminster Student Card. Non offer titles are available at a 10% discount

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Design Studio Vol. 2: Intelligent Control 2021: Disruptive Technologies: 2021

Hyde, Rob
How should we train? What should we learn? What is our value? Disruptive technologies have increased speculation about what it means to be an architect. Innovations simultaneously offer great promise and potential risk to design practice.
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Design Studio Vol. 3: Designs on History: The Architect as Physical Historian: 2021

Hill, Jonathan
Each architectural design is a new history. To identify what is novel or innovative, we need to consider the present, past and future. We expect historical narratives to be written in words, but they can also be delineated in drawing, cast in concrete or seeded in soil.
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Adapt As An Architect: A Mid-Career Companion

Deutsch, Randy
The middle of an architect’s career can provide a turning point for a bright future or be a directionless hinterland. How is it for you? Are you where you want to be? Have you been forced off your preferred path by unforeseen
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