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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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Great Estates: Models for modern placemaking

Yates, Sarah
A beautifully illustrated, comprehensive book exploring all of London's historic and contemporary Great Estates.
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High Street: How our town centres can bounce back from the retail crisis

Rudlin, David
Uniting retailing and the built environment to develop a shared agenda for the revival of high streets, which are so important to our economy and the spirit of communities.
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Urban Commons Handbook

Urban Commons Research Collective
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Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing

Boughton, John
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Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Bano, Nick
When landlords always win and renters pay the price, what can be done?
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The State of Housing Design 2023

Joint Center for Housing Studies
The State of Housing Design 2023 is the first report in a new series that reviews national trends, ideas, and critical issues related to residential design. This volume addresses issues of affordability, social cohesion, sustainability, aesthetics, density, and urbanism through critical essays, visual content, and a crowdsourced survey.
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Who's Next: Homelessness, Architecture and Cities

Talesnik, Daniel
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Lubetkin and Goldfinger: The Rise and Fall of British High-Rise Council Housing

Russell, Nicholas
Berthold Lubetkin and Ernoe Goldfinger were two leading architects who designed high-rise council housing after the Second World War; a type of building that now holds a poor reputation.
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Becoming Urban: City of Nomads

Bolchover, Joshua
This book is about what it means to become urban. By describing the impact of rural nomads moving and settling to the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, it allows us to reflect on our contemporary urban condition and the urgent challenges facing millions of people around the world as they transform from rural to urban life.
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Mae Luiza: Building Optimism

Andrade, Ion De
The astonishing transformation of a Brazilian favela.
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