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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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Future Cities: All That Matters

Ween, Camilla
All That Matters about the the future of cities. All That Matters books are a fast way to get right to the heart of key issues.
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Pedestrian Facilities, Second edition: Geometric design for safety and mobility

Schoon J
Pedestrian Facilities provides detailed guidance on the design of pedestrian facilities to encourage the safety, comfort and convenience of pedestrians and other road users. The emphasis throughout is on numerical, functional aspects of designing footways, crossings along roads and junctions, roundabouts, and other spaces where pedestrian and vehicular traffic interact.
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The Things Around Us: 51N4E and Rural Urban Framework

Francesco Garutti
Embedded in politically and economically charged sites in the Pearl River Delta, Mongolia, and the European Union, 51N4E (Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn) and Rural Urban Framework (Joshua Bolchover and John Lin) operate in expanded ecologies of architectural practice, questioning the role of the architect today.
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2000 Jahre Wohnen in Wien: Vom keltischen Oppidum bis zum Wohnquartier der Zukunft. Wohnen als Sozialgeschichte

Forster , Wolfgang
In this book, Wolfgang Foerster-initiator of the International Building Exhibition Vienna-New Social Housing-explores how the sociocultural history of a city can be told through the development of housing.
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Die Stadt und das Geld

Nadin Heinrich
Fast Forward is the first magazine for the German-speaking area that addresses the big questions about the future of the city at the interface between architecture and the real estate industry. Bilingual (English/German) / Zweisprachige Ausgabe (deutsch/englisch)
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Bodies. Between Space and Design

Cristina Bianchetti
The book unfolds a critical reading of contemporary architectural design and urbanism and criticises the way design refers to "space" using the "body". In doing so, it delves into the debates of architecture and urban planning of the eighties, as well as their ambiguous relationship with politics.
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Europan 15: Produktive Stadte 2 / The Productive City 2: Ergebnisse / Results

Europan Deutschland e. V. Europan Deutsc
The disintegration of European cities and the loss of identity threatened by this decay is proceeding at a seemingly unstoppable rate. Europan 15 is dedicated to the "productive city" and seeks to identify concepts for synergies between living and working in the future.
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The Rights Of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Save the World

Boyd D
An important and timely recipe for hope for humans and all forms of life.
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Architecture and Waste: A (Re)Planned Obsolescence

Kara H
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