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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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Medieval Cities: Their Origins and the Revival of Trade - Updated Edition

Pirenne, Henri
Nearly a century after it was first published in 1925, Medieval Cities remains one of the most provocative works of medieval history ever written. This book argues that it was not the invasion of the Germanic tribes that destroyed the civilization of antiquity, but rather the closing of Mediterranean trade by Arab conquest in the seventh century.
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Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin: Refurbishment of an Architectural Icon

Maibohm, Arne
The Neue Nationalgalerie on the Berlin Kulturforum is an architectural icon as well as the crowning conclusion of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's life work.
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Production Urbanism: The Meta Industrial City

Yim, Dongwoo
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Architecture and Urbanism in the British Empire

Bremner, G. A.
A comprehensive overview of the architectural and urban transformations that took place across the British Empire between the seventeenth and mid-twentieth centuries, exploring the built heritage of Britain's former colonial empire as a fundamental part of how we negotiate our postcolonial identities.
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Boom Cities: Architect Planners and the Politics of Radical Urban Renewal in 1960s Britain

Saumarez Smith, Otto (Assistant Professo
In this volume, Otto Saumarez Smith recounts the fraught history of the urban development of British city centres in the 1960s, uncovering the planning philosophy, and the political, cultural, and legislative background that created the conditions for these transformations to occur across the country.
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Manual Of Urban Ecology

Muratet , A
Audrey Muratet and Francois Chiron present the current state of knowledge on how nature functions in an urban environment: its ecology. Cities are complex structures with many disparate living conditions.
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Why Face-to-Face Still Matters: The Persistent Power of Cities in the Post-Pandemic Era

Reades, Jonathan (King's College London)
Why do businesses still value urban life over the suburbs or countryside? This accessible book makes the case for Face-to-Face contact, still considered crucial to many 21st century economies, and provides tools for thinking about the future of places from market towns to World Cities.
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Survival of the City: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation

Glaeser, Edward
Survival of the City is an essential guide to the past and future of our cities
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Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning 6: The Right to the City

Silver, Christopher (University of Flori
Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning Volume 6 is a selection of some of the best scholarship in urban and regional planning from around the world.
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